A Message to my Mentor

Back in the fall, I started a mentorship program with Bethany Hegedus, author and founder of the Writing Barn. After years of trying to find a home for my work, attending workshops & taking course after course, I was starting to lose faith. My negative voice took over: ‘are you even any good?’ ‘maybe you should just quit.’ ‘It’s never going to happen.’

I had taken a few courses with the Writing Barn, followed Bethany & her work, and found out about Bethany’s mentorship program through a critique partner of mine. So I reached out to Bethany & everything fell into place. She had an opening & I was ready to work as hard and long as I needed to. My journey had to go on—I couldn’t ever give up. I am meant to write & need to let my brain create otherwise everything builds up & overflows & what good is that?

My first interaction with Bethany went perfectly. She is an amazingly positive, inspirational, and honest individual. We hit it off & I knew working with her & learning from her was exactly what I needed, at this time in my writing career.

We are months into our mentorship & I can honestly say I look forward to meeting deadlines & waiting for Bethany’s responses to my work. She oozes positivity, in an industry where you can often feel alone.

So, thank you to Bethany for being the amazing mentor that you are. I cherish working with you & look forward to what the future may bring.



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