Calm in Uncertain Times

Hello all,

I hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe during this time of uncertainty and unrest. It’s been an overwhelming and over-stimulating time for everyone. Here are a few things that have helped me find calm during this time:

-exercise: (30 minutes of Orangetheory & daily walks with my family)

-writing: even if it’s just jotting down new ideas, book titles, or doodles. Writing is a must for me as it gives my brain permission to imagine & create. Working with my mentor, Bethany Hegedus, author & creator of the Writing Barn has helped immensely as I have deadlines to meet & times to look forward to her responses & feedback. This is the most empowering & positive journey I have been on.

-art: (I have tried paint by numbers again). I have a book that allows me to complete a creative art task everyday for 365 days. Yesterday I created and designed four t-shirt—fun!

-cooking & baking: we have made soups, stews, chilli’s, muffins, cookies…it’s a lot of fun & something I don’t do nearly enough!

-spending uninterrupted time with my kids—no devices, just pure one-on-one time to read, draw, write, design, & build. My 5 year old & I have learned about rabbits, the moon, plants, seasons, & baby animals (thanks to Scholastic Learn at Home).

We’re sending lots of positivity out into the world, too! We left sidewalk messages, sprinkled painted stones around the neighbourhood for others to find, & left notes for neighbours on their doorstep.

We’re in this together. Check on those you love often. Save the medical supplies for the professions, & spread love every way you safely can. I hope you, too can find your calm.



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